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More than 50 years of the founding of new China, in ferrous metallurgy industry to develop at the same time, non-ferrous metal smelting and processing industry developed rapidly in China, liaoning, heilongjiang, shandong, henan, sichuan, guizhou, gansu and other places have built a batch of large alumina plant, aluminium plant and aluminum processing plant.Also in hunan, jiangxi, guizhou, guangxi and other places set up large-scale production base of nonferrous metals.China nonferrous metals industry market depth research, according to a report in 2007, China nonferrous metals industry industrial added value (calculated at comparable prices up 18.7% from 2006, the growth of enterprises above designated size industrial added value growth than the national 0.2% higher.China metallurgical industry present situation is the metallurgical industry science and technology level is stronger, the voice of the "big and weak" has been falling tone.The following is the analysis about the present situation of metallurgical industry in our country:
One, industry development trend
In recent years, China's metallurgical industry maintained a rapid development, metallurgical enterprises of production and operation scale expansion, sharply between enterprises, mergers and reorganization of become a fashion industry concentration degree, the company's management scope rapidly increase, the development trend of metallurgical enterprise in the collectivization, resource integration becomes the important lesson that metallurgy enterprise production and management.Enterprise's competition, also from the traditional products, technology, cost competition transforms to capital, resources, service competition, the increasingly fierce competition in the industry.Experts predict that in the next few years, the metallurgical industry will be fully entered the stage of industry reshuffle.
Depth research of powder metallurgy industry in China and investment outlook, according to a report from the process of the development of metallurgical enterprises in recent years, we can see several important trend features: 1) the increase of concentration of industry, horizontal merger and reorganization is becoming the development direction of the industry;2) the integration of industrial chain upstream and downstream resources, vertical integration gradually in-depth;3) production capacity expansion, capacity contradictions increasingly prominent, a buyer's market gradually formed;4) foreign capital into China, Chinese companies to expand overseas markets, industry internationalization degree enhances unceasingly;5) improve technological equipment level and management level, enterprises from extensive management to intensive management change.
Private metallurgy enterprise development, become an important factor in the development of the metallurgical industry, under this background, the metallurgy enterprise management is also undergoing profound changes: 1) the scale expansion, group integration operation, need to enterprise promote synergies;2) take the customer as the center, from improved customer satisfaction and loyalty, integrates production and sales management;3) from the denotative expanded the scale of production to the internal tapping can business model transformation;4) from a pure production enterprise to produce management, capital operation enterprises transformation.
Today's metallurgical industry, has been basically said goodbye to the seller's market, how to strengthen enterprise internal management, improve the business performance, so as to occupy the initiative in the intense market competition, becoming the core of metallurgical enterprises need urgently to solve the problem.
Second, the operational features of the industry
Metallurgical enterprises generally larger scale, a lot of is a collective enterprise, organization structure is complex, number of employees, logistics, cash flow and data flow in the process of operating.
Basic industry belongs to process type, process more, continuity is strong, production contains complex physical and chemical process, there are all kinds of mutations and uncertain factors, the original fuel ingredient and production technology conditions often fluctuations.In order to ensure steady production along the line, need according to the material, energy, quality requirements, the optimal production planning and dynamic scheduling.
Strict quality specification, metallurgical products need to be determined according to the contract of sale production technology and technical requirements, products to the quality of the whole process of tracking and strict quality tracking, and prescribe guarantee of quality for the customer.
In the original fuel accounted for a large proportion in the logistics, logistics process widely used in all kinds of large, measuring instruments for special measurement inspection catties, and according to the principle of "quality" integrated quantity and quality determine the final price.
Product variety, process is long, the presence of large amounts of by-products and associated products at the same time, the cost composition complex, cost accounting is difficult.
Equipment variety, unit value is high, the need for regular DaZhongXiu and regular equipment maintenance of equipment and point inspection, equipment management to ensure the production stable anterograde and safety in production is of great significance.
To sum up, the level of metallurgical industry in China in strengthening continuously, we should improve the level of metallurgical industry science and technology step by step.Metallurgical industry will also cause attaches great importance to the security problem, solve the security problems to adopt comprehensive measures, constant attention.Make full use of the advantage of renewable resources home and abroad to develop their own non-ferrous metal industry, finally won the Chinese steel industry best development opportunities.
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