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Because of the superior performance of powder metallurgy materials and low cost, the application of powder metallurgy parts in automobile is more and more widely, which has a shock absorber parts in automobile chassis, guide, piston and lower the seat;Braking system in ABS sensor, brake pads, etc.;Pump pump parts mainly include fuel pump, oil pump and the transmission of key components.A catheter in the engine, seat, connecting rod, bearing, variable valve timing (VVT) system key parts and exhaust pipe support, etc.;The transmission of synchronous hub and planetary gear rack and other parts.
Along with the rapid development of China's auto industry, auto parts market also maintained a fast trend.Output for 2015 cars in 2015, the implementation, the world's first;China's auto parts manufacturing sales income is 3.23 trillion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 10% last year.On the other hand, after China's entry into the world trade organization, not only form a complete set of foreign automobile industry such as hosts, and in the domestic large orders of powder metallurgy parts, each products, and foreign host companies invest in our country, to form a complete set of powder metallurgy products supply localization of growing demand, the demand for expanding to the development of powder metallurgy enterprises in China has brought a rare opportunity.
Auto parts sales of powder metallurgy production, sales value increased from 2006, 876.21 million yuan in 2015 to 3.67826 billion yuan, the compound annual growth rate of 17.28%, and maintain sustained and rapid growth trend, powder metallurgy auto parts market demand to maintain rapid growth momentum.
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